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Meet Fogo

Fogo is a rugged gadget with an elegant smartphone app. It is easy to use and purpose-built for the outdoors.

Stay safe while exploring

Send off-the-grid text messages from your smartphone

Discover new trails

Track your activity

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On the Trail with Fogo

Find a new trail or waypoint, communicate with your friends and stay safe


Fitness Tracker

Track your steps, route, elevation gain, heart rate and upload to the web


Walkie Talkie

Chat up your friends even when there's no cell service or wifi

Waypoint Navigation

Find a trail, geocache or point of interest, or tag a newly discovered spot


Trail Guidance

Stay on course - Fogo blinks the light when you veer off your path

At the Campsite with Fogo

Stay in communication, keep track of everyone and light up the campsite


Text Messaging

Send out a text message so everyone can be back in time for marshmallows


Location Sharing

Keep track of friends and family and get an alert if the kids stray too far from camp


Motion Sensor

Easily find Fogo in a dark tent - Fogo blinks when it is bumped


Backup Battery

Charge up all your other devices using Fogo as a USB backup battery

On the Mountain Bike with Fogo

Monitor your speed and elevation, stay in contact with your friends and track your ride


Bike Computer

Monitor and track speed, elevation, distance, heart rate and upload to the web


Rider Communication

Talk with your friends who are on the trail ahead of you or behind you


Smart Light Control

Fogo automatically adjusts the light based on the conditions and speed


Crash Detection

Fogo detects a crash and automatically sends out a message with your location


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Return within one year for a full refund - no questions asked

Fogo is Shipping Now

Get 15% Off for a Limited Time

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