This Brilliant Camping Hack Makes A Campfire That Lasts Hours With Just One Log

February 22, 2016

A good campfire is a sign of a true camper. However, starting and maintaining a solid fire takes a bit of skill. A great way to make the task much easier is to set yourself up for success ahead of time with a Swedish Torch. A good camper always comes prepared and this article will show you exactly how to do it.

A Swedish Torch uses one medium sized log to create a campfire that lasts for hours. The Swedish Torch can also be used as a stovetop to cook anything you want. We spent some time experimenting and found the best way to make and start a Swedish Torch and are passing the wisdom down to you. You will need a log, chainsaw, some cotton pads, candle wax and a lighter. This might sound like a strange list, but hang in there, it's all going to make sense in a minute.

Here is how to build a campfire that will last for hours:

1. Find Your Log: Find a log about 10 inches in diameter and 24 inches long. Any wood will work; however, the best wood to use is Oak because it lasts the longest. Pine and Eucalyptus work well too, but they burn hotter and don't last as long. 

2. Square It Off: Grab your chainsaw and cut the ends of the log off, nice and square, so the log stands straight and has a nice flat surface on the top.

3. First Cut: Make a cut right through the center of the log, stopping just before you get all the way through.

4. Second Cut: Make another cut perpendicular to your first cut.

5. Third Cut: Make a third cut that runs through the intersection of the two previous cuts. Your Swedish Torch is now complete. All we need to do now is get it started, which is made much easier with a little trick we discovered using some cotton pads and wax.

 6. Make Fire Starters: Grab your cotton pads and melt some candle wax onto them. You don't need much wax and you can do this in a variety of ways. Our favorite approach is to use one of these cheap jar candles and just pour the wax onto the cotton pads. Don't cover the pads completely in wax - leave some bare cotton. Put the pads on a piece of wax paper first to save yourself a mess.

7. Light The Torch: Stuff the wax-covered cotton pads into the cuts in your log and light them on fire.

8. Enjoy: Sit back and watch it burn! You have just built yourself a Swedish Torch and can enjoy a campfire that will last for hours without any more work.

After about 15 minutes your Swedish Torch campfire will be burning nicely and you can use it as a stove, roast some Starbursts (my personal favorite campfire treat) or just enjoy the fire.


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