5 Reasons to Use a Hammock Instead of a Tent When Camping

June 08, 2017

Congratulations! You are about to hit the road and go camping. You probably already have a car or truck stuffed full of gear to make your trip memorable. One of these items is probably a tent. If you are planning on bringing a tent to use for sleeping during your trip, that's okay! However, keep in mind that more and more folks are switching to hammocks. You can check out some of the reasons why below!



One of the biggest advantages of using a hammock over a tent on your camping trip is weight. A simple backpacking tent can easily weigh several pounds. A traditional tent can weigh even more. All of that weight adds up. On a backpacking trip, extra weight can be devastating. The weight can add up on traditional camping trips as well. The tent needs to be shuttled around the campsite to find the best spot. Also, a heavy tent makes it difficult to set up a spike camp for a day or two on a hunting trip. With a hammock, you will never need to argue about who carries the sleeping quarters. Hammocks are extremely lightweight!


More Than Fabric Between Trees

It’s no secret that camping supplies are evolving. Lightweight sleeping bags can now keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures and water purifiers the size of a straw allow you to drink straight from streams. Hammocks haven’t been left out of these advancements. Kammock, a company founded on the philosophy that adventure changes lives, has developed hammocks that weighs just 24 ounces but has the ability to support up to 500 pounds and two people comfortably. They also have shelters for hammocks to make the camping experience more enjoyable than ever. Another company, Sierra Madre Research, have developed the inferno hammock which is made to keep you warm in temperatures of 0˚F! These companies and many others are making it easier than ever to drop the bulky tent and snag a hammock for your next camping adventure.


No Air Mattress Needed

A tent is only part of the equation when you go camping. Few people are interested in sleeping on the cold, hard ground inside of a camping tent. This means people need to lug around a foam sleeping pad to complete the tent. For others, it means hauling around an air mattress. Air mattresses usually don't inflate themselves. This means folks are stuck bringing an air pump to camp. Consequently, this means folks are also bringing batteries or extension cords to camp for the air pump to work. You can see where this is going! A tent often requires you to bring a host of other sleeping supplies. Thankfully, it isn't this way at all with a hammock. A hammock is already designed with your sleeping comfort in mind.


Go Green

Tents require more time and energy to manufacture than hammocks. Tents are also often made out of fancy materials that use up a lot of time, natural resources, and money to produce. A hammock doesn't have any of that baggage. When you set up your hammock at your campsite, you can sleep easy knowing that it didn't take as much material from our planet to give you a place to sleep.


Get Some Better Sleep

If you want comfort on your camping trip, more and more people are claiming that a hammock is the way to go. In fact, there are even collections of people who chose to sleep in hammocks at home all of the time! People claim the lack of direct pressure points on your body while using a hammock is more comfortable. Other folks enjoy how hammocks keep the upper body elevated while sleeping. It's a great change. Just like some folks are picking up an e cigarette starter kit instead of traditional cigarettes for a change, folks are switching from tents to hammocks on their camping trips! If you've had a long day of camping fun, the comfort of a hammock may be the best way to end the day!


Get Back to Nature

Finally, using a hammock on your camping trip is a great way to get back to the basics of nature. You can feel yourself swaying in the breeze. The night air is brushing by your face. You are often being held up above the Earth by the strength of two stalwart trees. All of these things make the idea of sleeping in a hammock appealing to many people. If you are looking to get as close to nature as possible during a camping trip, a hammock just might be the way to go!


Consider the advantages of hammocks described above. After you try a hammock on a camping trip, you just might love it forever!



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