Version 1.4 of the Fogo firmware is now available.

March 06, 2017

The first firmware update is now available. It addresses two bugs:

  • Smart Cap Volume Controls (access via Settings->Volume)
  • USB Firmware for Windows bug


On Mac, you can simply connect the Fogo, open the Fogo Hub and click "Connect". The Fogo Hub will check for an update and ask if you want to install the new firmware (which you do).


Installing on Windows is a bit more complicated. To successfully install the firmware, follow these steps.

First, install the Fogo Hub.

Second, invoke the Fogo bootloader manually by holding the top and left buttons until the USB logo appears (this is only required on the first firmware update) and then connect to the computer.

Third, if you previously connected your Fogo to your computer without the Fogo Hub installed, you will need to open "Device Manager" and tell Windows to update the driver. Under "Ports" you will see a device that says "Usb Serial Port".  You need to right click and select "Update Driver Software...".

On Windows 7 and 10, you can just tell Windows to search for the driver automatically. On Windows 8, you need to first copy the drivers (C:\windows\inf\stratify*.*) to a new folder on the desktop (or elsewhere of your choosing).  Then use the "Browse my computer for driver software option" and point the updater to the folder you created.

Once the driver under "Ports" says "StratifyOS Link Port", open the Fogo Hub and push "Connect'. The Fogo Hub will then prompt you to update the firmware.

Check the Version

You can check the firmware version on your Fogo by selecting "About" from the system menu (hold the center button from the home screen to bring up the system menu).

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Michael Hopkins
Michael Hopkins

May 24, 2017

Is it possible to do a video for update on windows and how to hook up the Fogo to the computer. I’m sure it’s quite simple just want to insure I’m clear on how to do this. Thanks Mike


April 09, 2017

The Fogo Hub can’t detect my Fogo eventhough the Fogo displayed the USB logo. I am using Windows 10. What should I do to make Fogo Hub to detect the Fogo?

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