Fogo Hub Download

The Fogo Hub 2.0 is now available. By installing Fogo Hub 2.0, you will be able to upgrade the firmware on your Fogo to the latest version which brings many stability enhancements and performance improvements as well as a streamlined interface.

 Download for Windows


Upgrading your 1.0 Fogo Firmware

  1. First download and install the Fogo Hub for Windows or Mac
  2. Invoke the bootloader on your Fogo (hold the top and left buttons for about 10 seconds until the USB logo show up on the display)
  3. Connect your Fogo to your computer
  4. Hit the "Connect" button
  5. The firmware will begin the update. You should see the USB logo shortly after the install begins. You should then see the Fogo flame logo.  Finally, you should see a progress bar below the flame (this will happen twice)
  6. Your Fogo is updated to the latest version

Fogo 2.0 Firmware How To's

Our youtube channel has instruction videos on how to do things with the Fogo. Let us know what you want us to add.

Some Troubleshooting Tips

Problem: The update fails to complete

Re-invoke the bootloader and try again. This time, try holding the right button on the Fogo until the Fogo Hub gets about half way through "Installing Assets".

Problem: My computer crashes as soon as I connect the Fogo

Some small laptops (such as the Surface) can have some trouble trying to charge the Fogo batteries. You have one of two options:

  1. Use a powered hub to connect your Fogo to your computer
  2. Remove the batteries and hold down the right button when the Fogo starts up. This will cause the Fogo to enter diagnostic mode so you can sync your activity but the Fogo will stay on the flame logo without running the UI (or checking for the missing batteries).

Problem: My Fogo does not turn on

If you power on your Fogo and nothing appears on the screen, try:

  1. Try charging the batteries using an stand-alone 18650 battery charger
  2. Try turning on the Fogo with the batteries removed by plugging in to USB and while holding the right button. See if the Fogo will sync.
  3. Let us know what happens at