What is the Fogo?

Fogo is an outdoor device that combines a GPS, Walkie-Talkie, Flashlight and USB Backup Battery in one. Fogo gives you all these devices in a compact, waterproof and durable package. In addition, the Fogo allows you to do things you couldn't do before by using these technologies together. Check out some examples here.

Why do I need the Fogo?

The Fogo keeps you safe and lightens your load. It also uses the GPS, Flashlight and Walkie-Talkie together to allow you to do things no other device can.

Is the Fogo Waterproof?

Yes.  The Fogo can be used in the rain or snow, splashed and submerged in water up to 12 inches in depth.

Is the Fogo walkie-talkie compatible with analog FRS/GMRS radios?

No. The Fogo uses a digital radio which is not compatible with FRS/GMRS radios. We extensively researched the radio options, when designing the Fogo, and decided on digital because it provides a much richer user experience. The digital radio works over farther distances, is clearer, and allows you to send text messages, voice messages and share your location. All of these features on not possible with analog FRS radios.

What advantage does the Fogo have over a smartphone

The Fogo hardware and software are purpose built the unique needs of the outdoors. The smartphone is great for your everyday needs at home, at work, or around town. However, the unpredictable and rugged conditions of the outdoors demand a device purpose built for your needs. Leave you smartphone safe at home or in your backpack and use your Fogo to help you find your way and stay in communication.

Here are several specific advantages the Fogo has over the smartphone for your outdoor adventures:

  • The Fogo is small and compact. Who wants to take their smartphone into the outdoors when it's the size of a tablet?
  • The Fogo replacement cost is one fourth of the replacement cost of a smartphone in case of a total loss while on the trail.
  • The Fogo keeps you in communication when you do not have cell service.
  • The Fogo has a powerful 1200 lumen flashlight. The smartphone has a 30 lumen light.
  • The Fogo is durable and waterproof.
  • The Fogo works below freezing and above 95 Fahrenheit.
  • The Fogo and its software is purpose built for off-the-grid navigation and communication.
  • The Fogo has a long life battery that can last for weeks or months depending on how you use it.
  • The Fogo  can charge any of your battery powered devices.

How do I get started using my new Fogo?

Walkie-Talkie: You can use the walkie-talkie by holding the right button. Speak clearly into the bottom of the Fogo (where you see the speaker grill and it will broadcast to any Fogos in the area). You can use "Apps" -> "Talk" to talk to individual units privately.
Activity Tracking: Tap the center button marked "Apps" then select "Activity".  Press the left button to start tracking. You can press the same button to pause. While paused, you can press finish to complete the activity. The center button will cycle through different display options such as elevation, active time, speed, and distance. Hold the center button to return to home screen.
Location sharing: Tap the center button marked "Apps" then select "Contacts". Push the right button to sync contact information with other Fogos that are on. Select one of the contacts then select "Info". You can hit the left button to refresh the other user's relative location. Both devices need an active GPS signal for this to work. Hold the center button to return to home screen.
Flashlight: press the top button to operate the flashlight (you probably already figured this one out).  If you point the flashlight at the ground it will dim automatically, if you point it up it will brighten. You can manually adjust the brightness using "Apps" -> "Flashlight"
Geo-tagged Memo: Use "Apps" -> "Memo". Hold the left button to record a memo. Hold the right button to see a list of recorded memos and select one (or hold the right button again to see your relative location to the memo). Hold the center button to go home or left button to go back to the list of memo's.
Also, check out our youtube channel here for some helpful videos to get you started.