Introducing the Fogo Bot

The Fogo Bot monitors your activity and makes sure you stay safe on the trail.


The Fogo Bot will notify you of significant events like when you hit the 10 mile marker or the when sun is going down soon.

Adaptive Lighting

Point down for low beam and up for high beam.  When you are mountain biking, the Fogo Bot sets the brightness based on your speed.

Power Management

If you are running low on battery, the Fogo Bot will let you know that it is limiting the flashlight power.

Warning Signs

The Fogo Bot will let you know if you are about to run out of battery power or if you have hiked too far from camp.

Crash Detection

If you are cruising along on the trail and you take a spill, the Fogo Bot will automatically send a message to your friends requesting assistance.

Text over Fogo

The Fogo Bot can forward text messages from your smartphone to other Fogo users and vice-versa.



Fogo Does Things No Other Device Can

TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield agreed: Fogo is about to change the way you explore the outdoors. See how in the video on the left and descriptions below. 











Blink When Bumped

The Fogo can be set to blink when bumped, making it easy to find in a dark tent.


More to Come!

We are releasing an SDK so that anyone can create Fogo Apps. This means that the apps we are showing here are just the beginning of the many, many awesome features that will come to the Fogo.